A question from xxsupernovaxx: When do I build glass cannon or Tanky dps?

I love the Jarvan mid thing lol.

So check this out.

Under a champions stats, theyll have little notes on em (support, jungler, recommended etc.)

If they have one that says “Fighter” or “melee”


At least not for ranked lol.

Melee champs need to be in the fray in the middle of teamfights, and building them like an adc is not viable. Ever wonder why adcs are so squishy? Because they are composed of low health and bf swords. Bruisers and fighters need sustain or a little beef on them in order to serve any purpose at all. And if you are the only one on your team that is a fighter or remotely tanky, YOUR TEAM NEEDS THAT. Fighters can snowball easily, but they do it best when no one can kill them, not when they can kill someone quickly. Building tanky dps is always the way to go. And riot knows this, Why do you think there are items such as black cleaver and phage and hexdrinker? Go beefy and top it off with a bloodthirster for some good ol’ attack damage and lifesteal.

TL;DR: Dont go glass unless your the adc.

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